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Friday, July 4, 2008

PoEm From A FriEnd

on the other side of sadness,

it is said that there's a smile,

finally we arrived,

but what are we waiting for,

it is not to run away,

but to chase a dream.

we should have gone out to travel on that summer day,

long time ago,

even if tomorrow you see it,

though there isn't any sigh anymore,

like a ship going against the current flow,

right now go forward and move ahead,

even if it cuts through the rain and clouds,

the wet road will shine,

cause only the dark will teach,

a stronger and stronger light,

so let's go forward and move ahead,

to your uncertain future
p/s tq to mr ahmad for a nice poem.hahaha.btw the orchid pic up there was taken by me at Kinabalu Park using my Nokia xpress music.(statement tak bole blah.hahaha)

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