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Friday, July 4, 2008

a NEW leaf..

dear gentle readers..

salam pkenalan untuk semua...

hello to all...

anyong haseyo...

well,i just start this blog, just to express myself and help me to start over a new life..

being hurt is not easy to handle and overcome...those who said that time will heal certainly a liar...definitely..

haha..so, insted of crying and wish that time will heal quickly, i just need to make myself busy...n here i am..

some quote that i've read in one of mag:

"cuba melupakan seseorang yang pernah kita cintai seolah-olah cuba mengingati seseorang yang belum pernah kita jumpa"

forgetting someone is hard...but if org tu dah lupekan kite dgn mudahnye...watpe tunggu n mengenangnye lagi kan?

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