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Friday, July 4, 2008

fReakY FriDay (part 2)


dear gentle readers,

em, y it's freaky?because..haha..jerawat tumbuh lg.benci..i dunno what type of skincare product, or, what skincare product to use to treat my blemishes prob..this is one of , can i call it, a MISFORTUNE to be a woman.hahaha.
we tend to be conscious,erk, ok, not 'we', but other people especally men tend to be conscious of our 'zit' or 'acne' problem...so, as a women, we tend to do all we can in order to make sure that our skin is FREE from problem like that.However, when guy hv an acne prob, we tend to said that its normal...euwwwwhhhh...is it FAIR?hahaha.
well, to be honest, its not fair, but, what can we as women do?give present of acne product to them as a birthday present?hahahaha..i like to do that someday..especially kalo org yg suke kutuk i pasal jerawat i, tibe2 dpt jerawat attack yg dasat.hahahaha..it will be fun.
so, for those gals who have the same prob wit me, feel free to voice out your opinion.wajah ni kurniaan Allah, so, ape hak golongan Adam tu nak kutuk2 kn?hihi..
till we meet again...


ijad said...

salam... apa khabar...

ayen said...

salam...alhamdullilah sihat..

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